FAQ/Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need to register for each internet auction?
No, once you have registered with ross-bid.com your bidder ID number and password remains the same for bidding on all our auctions.

2. Do I have to pay any fees to bid?
No, but there is a 10% buyers premium on all purchased items.

3. Do I have to pay sales tax on internet auction items?
Yes, all sales originating in Minnesota are subject to state and local sales tax. Buyer’s premium is considered part of the sales price so that is taxable also.

4. Inspection:
Inspect the merchandise carefully during the specified preview times before the auction begins. Once the auction begins it is your responsibility to have looked over the items you plan to bid on.

5. What is the max bid feature?
A max bid represents the highest amount you want to bid for a specific lot. Your max bid is not disclosed to other bidders. Ross-bid will then bid for you up to that amount, increasing your bid by the minimum amount only when your amount has been raised by another bidder. As 2 to 5 lots may be closing at the same time, max bid helps you win your bid in case you are bidding on many lots. As lots start closing, refresh your data frequently.

6. Can I raise my max bid?
Yes, you can leave the next required bid box open and enter your new, higher max bid in the max bid box.

7. How does extended bidding work?
If someone enters a bid on an item within the last three minutes before closing, the ending time for that auction will automatically extend for another three minutes. Each time another bid is entered the time extends for three more minutes until someone wins the item. This prevents “sniping” and allows all bidders a fair chance to win the item.

8. How will I know if I am the winning bidder?
You will receive an invoice by email from ross-bid within hours after auction closing.

9. When do I pay for and pick up items?
Each auction has its own deadline for payment and pick-up of items. Review auction terms carefully. Do not bid unless you can pay for and pick up items during specified times.

10. Can I pay with a personal check?
No, cash, Bank Check or money orders are accepted unless otherwise stated in the auction description.

11. Can I send a mover to pick up my items?
Yes, your mover will need a copy of your paid sales receipt. If possible, meet the mover at the sale location to make sure all your items are picked up.